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Here at the Animal Hospital of West Port St. Lucie we are very aware of the panic a Hurricane Warning can bring to us here in Florida. It is all over the place that this year is going to be an active one. Not only should you have your home and family prepared but the family pets should also be ready to either "wait it out at home" or evacuate if needed to.


Things to include in your “Pet Kit”

The Basics:

Water: One Gallon of water per pet for Seven days.

Food: Make sure you have enough food for Two weeks. If your pet is on a RX food make sure you keep an extra 8lb bag at home just in case. Canned food is often overlooked but is a great idea to have. It is full of moisture to help hydrate your pet.

Prescriptions: Make sure you have an extra month’s supply of any medications your pet may need.

Extra leash and collar with proper identification: This includes your City Tag, Rabies Tag, Personal information tag with a cell phone number as well as a land line phone number.

A crate or “safe space”: this is important should you need to travel with the pet or helps lower stress on a frightened pet.

Food Dishes

Poop bags

Kitty Litter, disposable litter boxes

Hand sanitizer

Can opener

Baby wipes

Wee Wee Pads: Just in case J

Skin So Soft: This will help protect your pet from mosquitoes.

From your vet:

Sedatives/ Calming agents: Not only can your vet provide you with a Rx sedative for pets with storm phobias but we also carry a natural over the counter calming agent that can be used for cats and dogs. Be sure to ask us about “Vetricalm” soft chews.

A microchip: This can be implanted by your vet in a simple office visit. The microchip is the size of a grain of rice and is implanted between the shoulder blades with a small injection.

Prescription and prescription foods: Please make sure you give us a few days notice to fill extra prescriptions.

Tick prevention: This is Important! The blowing winds from a hurricane bring the ticks in from everywhere. You can use a topical prevention, a spray or a collar. All are carried in the clinic at all times. The prevention collar is a great idea. It will last three months and is a cost effective way to protect your pet.

A copy of your pet’s vaccination record: This is easy to get by just stopping in or calling. You will want to have this is a waterproof zip-lock and ready for evacuation. Most shelters and hotels require proof of full vaccinations.

Lymes Vaccination: This is an option for you as well to help your pet stay protected. Should you need to evacuate or if you are staying home, the ticks will be around. Ticks carry lymes diease. Along with the tick prevention mentioned above, you should also consider the Lymes disease vaccine.

Forti-Flora: This probiotic blend is a great idea to have on hand for cases of stress diarrhea. It is a simple, inexpensive food additive to help your pet get through the ”storm”.

Emergency phone number: Make sure you call the office to get the Emergency after hours’ phone number. At this time also make sure all your contact information in correct in our system. This ensures that if your pet is found that he/she will be returned to you.

Nutri-cal: This is a high calorie paste used for senior and infant dogs and cats. This is great to have in your kit for times when the pet may be to stressed to eat. This will help regulate blood sugars and give a little boost in your pet if they should stop eating.



Things you may not have though of:


A Raincoat: To protect out little friends from the sting of the cold rain.

Kong Toy or Busy Buddy: These make a great addition to a hurricane kit for your dog. They help occupy a bored dog who can’t go outside and play due to the weather.

A photo of your pet: Keep this with your vaccination record just in case your pet gets lost. You will need this to make a lost poster or to identify them at a shelter.

Treats: Make sure you have plenty of a treat they are used to eating. Trying a new treat at this time may not be a good choice if it doesn’t agree with their tummy.

Blankets or towels: To wipe dirty wet dogs or to cuddle a cat.

A Tie Out: If fences get blown down during the storms it may be helpful to have a tie out for your pet to get some exercise. Make sure the grounds surrounding the tie out are fully clear of debris and harmful objects. Never leave your pet unattended.

A Kiddy Pool: If you have water available this is a great option to cool down an overheating dog. If without electric for a period of time this could be a solution for you to keep Fido “Chilled out”.

A battery operated/ Solar powered fan: this is important to keep pets cool during daytime power outages.