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When Animal Control has trapped an animal or comes across a litter of orphaned babies, we do our best to foster and care for them to the best of our ability. We also attempt to vaccinate, deworm and spay or neuter.   We give back to the community by making sure trapped raccoons do not show symptoms of distemper or rabies before they are re-released into the wild.  We have had a plethora of different types of animals that we have had the opportunity to help and we love the challenge!



This hawk was trapped by St. Lucie County Animal Control

and was brought to us for monitoring.  It turned out to have a broken femur.

 Unfortunately this particular case did not make it through.

This 70 lb. African Sulcata tortoise was brought in by Animal Control.  We managed to find a tortoise sanctuary to send her to, where she will roam over 50 acres with over 200 other tortoises!

These raccoon babies were part of a litter brought in by Animal Control.  Two of them had little wounds which are now healed and their eyes are now open!  They went home with Dr. Murati and are now wreaking havoc on her house!  They are over 3 lbs. each now and are almost ready to go to the raccoon sanctuary and learn how to be real raccoons!

This litter of opossums was orphaned and again brought in by animal

control.  There were 6 in this litter and 1 came in slightly younger.  They

have all been raised together and are brothers and sisters and nearly ready 

to be released!

Bite the Duck came in one day severly dehydrated and overheated, as well as having multiple puncture wounds.  We think a hawk or other large bird tried to snatch him up.  By the end of the day we sent him home with his family and he's a success story!  Doesn't like taking his pills but doing very well!!

You may have seen this raccoon

on one of our pieces on the Channel 12 news.  He was part of a rash of coons picked up in the area showing symptoms of distemper.  We determined he was positive and unfortunately was euthanized. Keeping the population safe from the spread of distemper.