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Practice Manager


     Brie has been practice manager here at Animal Hospital of West Port St. Lucie since March 2016.  Brie has over 15 years experience as an emergency and daytime veterinary technician.  She also raised 4-H beef steers and began riding horses at age 9.  A lifetime animal lover, Brie has had experience with virtually all farm, domestic, and exotic pets.  Originally from Bangor, Maine, she has been in south Florida for about 15 years.

Brie also has extensive management and customer service experience, which is giving the Animal Hospital a facelift in client care.  Our customer service guarantee is that you will be always be satisfied with your experience!!  Brie welcomes all feedback and comments from clients.  She needs your help to make the practice the best it can be!  

In her off-time, Brie spends time with her 7 year old son,  kitties Logie Perogie who is her spirit animal, Bot (who came into our hospital with a Botfly larvae in her neck), Norah (rescued from the woods behind her house) and Shadow the bunny!


Don't hesitate to reach out to Brie in the office, at 772-344-8800 or at