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Our practice treats companion animals such as dogs and cats, and also exotics like pigs, ferrets, raccoons, lizards, snakes, oppossums, bunnies and ducks!

We offer a variety of the newest Allergy Solutions, Radiographs, Extensive Blood Panels, EKGs, minor and major surgeries such as Spays and Neuters, as well as Lump/Tumor Removals, Splenectomys,and much more. See below for some of our patients and treatments!



Piglets can be amazing pets and we love to have them here!  

There are some things you need to know when bringing home a

piggie which we can help you with.  We partner with Animal

Control to make sure that your pig is recieving the care required 

by the City and is all legal! 

Pigs need certain titer tests and can also have many of the same 

ailments of companion animals, such as ear mites, eye ulcers, skin

problems, etc.  

Come see us and we can get your piggie in perfect shape!

Little Pepper came to us in need of a cardiac workup and we started with an EKG. She did very well and it is a very non invasive procedure for the pet.   An EKG is a great place us to start with a cardiac problem and we work with Cardiac Consult Specialists on the results to continue our diagnostic phase. 

We can't impress upon owners enough how important the wellness bloodwork we offer along with annuals is.  We have been seeing quite a few pets recently in kidney failure, something that can be caught early and hopefully treated, by simply running the discounted annual bloodwork.  This important blood screen can give us early clues as to kidney/liver function, Red blood cells, glucose issues, etc that can help us stop a problem before it escalates.  We also draw blood very carefully and with lots of love! <3 Ask us about the Wellness bloodwork when you come in for your annuals!  When done in tandem with your pet's annuals, there are other benefits as well, such as DISCOUNTED OFFICE VISITS, Priority Boarding and Priority Exam Appointments.