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Animal Hospital of West Port St. Lucie provides routine surgery neuters (spay and castration), minor mass excisions, etc., some also perform additional procedures. We deliver professional surgery options with compassionate understanding.  

The doctors and staff of Animal Hospital of West Port St. Lucie understand that the decision to allow your pet to undergo surgery is a serious and difficult one.

While we will always strive to utilize all the skills at our disposal to avoid surgery, sometimes surgery is unavoidable. If that is the case with your beloved companion we will first discuss with you why a procedure is necessary, answer any questions you might have, and only proceed when you have a complete understanding of your pet’s condition.

We will then outline exactly what the surgical procedure involves so that you feel completely at ease with the decision to proceed. 

We make every effort to ensure your pet’s procedure is stress-free and your pet is as comfortable as possible.

You will then be instructed on the proper post-operative care your pet. As always, the professionals at Animal Hospital of West Port St. Lucie strive to create a friendly and welcoming environment where you and your pet will be treated with kindness and compassion.