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Is it possible to stay in the middle of Port Saint Lucie and still have an oasis of calm to retreat to?

The aim of any boutique hotel is to provide guests with a welcoming, comfortable environment that reflects its design and location.  In Port Saint Lucie center hotels, that design and environment are influenced by many things and the hotel must decide which type of guests it is catering to.

Nightlife Boutique

There are many cities that are referred to as 24-hour cities.  New York is famously known as “the city that never sleeps”, whilst Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Bangkok, and many others enjoy a reputation for partying and good nights out.  It’s unsurprising then that the number of hotels catering to those people who live life to the full is increasing.  Creating a hip, funky hotel for this market is a good move.  More often than not, the men and women that come to enjoy themselves in these cities are well-paid and happy to spend their money on good design, spacious rooms, and flamboyant cuisine.  Making your hotel part of your nightlife adds more to the experience and those boutiques that integrate popular bars or restaurants into their premises will attract a large number of guests eager to stay where the action is.  Whilst this doesn’t sound like a retreat in the usual sense, for these visitors, it’s exactly what’s needed.

Pamper Boutique

You don’t have to run a huge spa hotel in acres of land in order to offer the sort of pampering that Port Saint Lucie visitors want. Business visitors and tourists alike enjoy the benefits of a small, exclusive hotel that offers a range of spa and beauty treatments.  A massage, facial or body treatment helps to reduce stress and induce relaxation, and if that’s followed by a freshly-prepared meal, or a quiet chat in an informal lounge while the Port Saint Lucie rushes past you, then all the better.

All boutique hotels are built around an essential and integral design.  Some city hotels opt for a design which automatically turns to build into a cool, calm retreat, no matter where it is.  The color schemes, choice of furnishings, fittings and linens and attention to detail all contribute to an atmosphere that’s immediately welcoming and relaxing.  These hotels really are designed to make you feel as though you’ve entered a different world.

Home Anniversaries and romantic breaks

Celebrate a special occasion or just take advantage of an opportunity to spend some time together, and let a boutique hotel be your base for a romantic break.  Whether you choose a hotel that offers relaxing spa treatments, or an urban hotel where you can experience the bright lights and fine dining of a major city, you can find a boutique hotel that will fulfill all your requirements. Try a cooking class in Port Saint Lucie or a wine-tasting course.  Explore the historic sights from a hotel in the most exclusive street in the city. Turn a couple of days away into an unforgettable romantic break by selecting a boutique hotel.